Pedophile Elite via British Intelligence & FBI Serco's Maureen Baginski

C2CSI · Abel Danger 1-24-2014


C2CSI · Abel Danger 1-22-2014

9/11 Pentagon Attack - Behind the Smoke Curtain - Barbara Honegger

1-17-2014 Sponsor of Sukhoi Hit Exposed

To avpk@sukhoi.org info@sukhoi.org defattru@msn.com business@rttv.ru RT-US@rttv.ru MikeRobinsonbhollingsworth@dcexaminer.com michael.huerta@faa.gov MinnBIlee.moak@alpa.org cometec@snpl.com presse@snpl.com safety@bea-fr.org suzanne.kalfus@alpa.org chris.hook@usdoj.gov

Attention Sukhoi, GRU. Defense Attache;

Twenty months ago I sent letter below to identify the technologies which could have stricken the Sukhoi demonstration jet in Indonesia in May, 2012. Less than 48 hours later GRU announced that the United States had the technology to commit this act.

I direct your attention to the U S neighbor to the north, Canada, as they also had this facility and used it on eight (8) airframes on 9/11.

My offer to demonstrate Sukhoi jets still stands and I anticipate Bombardier will be beset with ongoing 'delays' in getting their 'copycat' version of the Sukhoi Superjet delivered to other countries that may have participated in the attack of 9/11.

Field McConnell
U S Marine 0116513

1-16-2013 Images for Abel Danger Forensics

1-11-2014 · Arlington

As ordered by Umbrellaman Agent Sphinx and Chips meet at an undisclosed garage at 1999 Jefferson Davis Highway at 2pm yesterday for a strategic photo mission.

Stops included:

McConnell grave Arlington

Chic Burlingame grave Arlington

Georgetown University

Russian Embassy

for security purposes I cannot be more specific until I remember which is which.

Why were Chesley B. Sullenberger and Agent Chips on the same Delta Flight 1763 from DCA to MSP today? He's the guy that put the Airbus in the Hudson River, I'm the guy that pointed out all glass cockpit airliners are drones.

Okay, back to writing fiction. Book 13 Chapter One will be up Tuesday night, I believe.

Agent 'x'

PS... Perhaps the trip with Karen will be Operation RED ROSE.

1-8-2013 Death Threat (Bogus?) sent to Field McConnell

Last time this occurred I advised Clay County MN sheriff and they did nothing. This time I am sharing with Milwaukee FBI and Sheriff as I was recently in MKE and was supposed to be there tomorrow.

While I don't believe this to be a credible death threat I do believe it is a felony and would like feedback from Milwaukee.

This came from

For Sheriff Clarke or FBI MKE, I am at 715 307 8222 and should be back from Washington DC by Monday of next week.

Neo-Feudal Fortress Guards Its Wealth - Capitalism Plus Fascism Equals Violence - The Charade of Democracy - Message to Peasants: Devalue Authority - "Heads On Pikes"

Source: Babylon Royal

The Red Dagger - Part 1


1-6-2014 Controlling Perceptions - A "loathed ideological commissar" - Moving Towards a Slave System

Controlling Perceptions - A "loathed ideological commissar" - Moving Towards a Slave System - Managing America's Labor Market - Power and Money 

Source: Channeling Reality

The Big Disconnect

This morning as usual, the host on C-Span's Washington Journal was reading excerpts from articles in the mainstream newspapers while taking calls from viewers commenting on them. The issue of the day was illegal immigration, the push for immigration "reform" and the legalization of illegals. Obviously, the views portrayed in the newspapers don't reflect the views of the population even though they present the information in an article as if it were true and representative. Setting aside the given issue, what that really means is that newspapers are in the business of manipulation of perception - which means they are not a free and independent press. Rather, they serve a propaganda purpose because the ability to control the perception of people, is the ability control the direction of the country. It's pretty obvious that there is serious money and power behind the subversion of national sovereignty and the rights of citizens to be secure in their own country.

On Fridays, C-Span has a regular series called Newsmakers. The guest this week wasMichael Needham of the Heritage Action for America group that is a sister organization to the Heritage Foundation. In a recent article, the New Republic called Michael Needham, the "loathed ideological commissar" of the Republican Party. I'd say he's earned that title and more.


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